Why App Design Matters for Your Business

‘Good design is Good business’ – Thomas J. Watson, CEO of IBM

Just like in every business, the design of your branding matters. It’s what makes your business identifiable to the clients, and a good design allows you to establish your brand in a positive light. It is a reflection of your company and what your business stands for. And this is the same for App Design. The design of your app will not only establish your brand but will help show whether your business is current and modern.

App design is perhaps the single most important factor in app development. The colours, the font, the graphics – it’s the simple factors like these elements that will determine what makes a good design but it will also say a lot about your business to the customer. However, app design is not just about how the overall app looks, it’s also about the user experience. App design can dictate the user’s experience so it’s important to take the user experience into consideration. User experience in web design can refer to elements like navigation, clarity and speed. This is similar to and important for app design.

If your app has the best capabilities possible, but looks shoddy or is hard to navigate, your chances of growing the update is reduced.

No business wants to be forgotten about, which is what can happen if you don’t leave a lasting impact. A well-functioning app with a good design and a positive user experience can leave a memorable impression to the users. It will make your business and brand name look good, which will increase your number of customers. A bad design can result in having a bad reflection of the company, which will create an unhappy client and a potential loss for your business.

So if you’re developing an app, remember that app design is a vital element in your successful development!


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