Earth Day 2017: The Round Up

Earth Day may be over, but we think it’s important to recognise the harmful issues occurring on our planet. We should be constantly aware of the threats our environment is facing, and work together to start progressing towards a green and cleaner environment. We need to give our planet some tender, loving, care!

Here is a round-up of the topics we discussed in the lead up to Earth day. 


Chapter 1: Endangered Species

E is for Endangered species. Activities carried out by human beings are having a dangerous effect on our animal kingdom. Species are becoming extinct at a faster rate than ever before, so much so that we are entering a no way back situation and the sad truth is that it is down to human behaviour. However, if these change for the better, then we could drastically improve the long-term effect on our species.

How you can help: Do an Act of Green and plant a tree!



Chapter 2: Awareness

A stands for Awareness. One of the issues in trying to raise awareness for Earth Day is that many people don’t realise the extent of the harming threats our planet is imminently facing. So with this year’s theme (global environment & climate literacy) acting as an ongoing goal to be reached by 2020, we have a target to all work towards. Polluting, littering, deforestation and so much more are all happening right now, damaging to the future of our planet, and education is the first step to righting our negative influence.How you can help: Spread the word to friends and families!

How you can help: Spread the word to friends and families!


Chapter 3: Renewable Energy

R is for Renewable Energy. In simple terms, renewable energy is collected from natural and renewable sources such as wind, waves and sunlight. An ambitious, but doable, goal, set by WWF is getting all cities using renewable energy by 2050, creating an affordable and sustainable future. If this goal was achieved, it would make an incredible difference to our environment, such as reducing the negative effects of climate change, which is pretty major!

How you can help: Start running your home on renewable energy!


Chapter 4: Temperature

T stands for temperature, because the temperature of the Earth is rising and rising, and it is becoming a threat to the environment. Climate change has always been a recognised caution to our planet, but sadly, with more neglect to our planet, climate change is causing a huge problem in the world right now. And if our environment continues to be abused, climate change will just intensify.

How you can help: Go vegetarian once a week…join the trend with #MeatFreeMondays!



Chapter 5: Health Risks

Ever since we hit our pollution limit from traffic fumes just after 120 hours into the New Year, London has been on high alert about its ‘filthy air’. The pollution levels in London are a major threat to our health and the future of our children’s health. Whilst plans are being made to tackle this issue, in the meantime, we could do our part and use more public transport rather than private vehicle use to try and cut emissions!

How you can help: Walk or cycle more!


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