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If you were about to click away from this page, you’re making a HUGE mistake that you will probably regret for the rest of your life…yes we are being 100% serious. Stop what you’re doing for one moment and imagine the world completely bare; imagine the world where trees and nature disappear because of humans destroying it; then wildlife becomes extinct as they don’t have a home to live in, and then humans start to slowly die out. Scary right? And do you want to know the worst part of this? It could have all been prevented if humans had taken action and had done something about it. Well here is some good news. Thankfully, you’re living in a time and place where you can start helping the environment.

With Earth Day approaching, we thought we would take this opportunity to try and raise an awareness of the issues and concerns relating to our environment. This year’s theme is focusing on Global Climate and Environmental Literacy which is also acting as an ongoing goal to be achieved by 2020, the year that will mark Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. So in honour of Earth Day, we’ll be talking about 5 major topics relating to our environment, and we have been busy little bees creating some incredible painted illustrations just for Earth Day.

We’ll be giving you some ideas and tips that you can start doing to start giving your planet some TLC (tender, loving, care). Small and simple changes will create a BIG impact on your environment, which is why you should start today. If you’re not much of an animal or nature lover, that’s okay, start acting for the future of your children!

Here at Salamandra, we care about our environment and the future of our children. Why do you care?

Here’s our fifth topic, Health Risks.

H is for Health Risks

This is the final article to conclude our 2017 Earth Day series! H stands for Health Risks because as the planet is facing more harm, so is our health risk. As the climate becomes warmer, it is more likely to have an extreme effect on weather events such as floods, storms and droughts which can act as a threat to our health and safety. This could also have an effect on agricultural production, which means our food security could be at risk, leading to a risk of human health. There is a chance that air quality will worsen as the climate increases, which also puts our condition of health at risk. If you want to get a better insight about temperature and the effects it can have on our planet, click here.

What is pollution?

Essentially, pollution is the contamination of natural resources in our environment. Air pollution is one of the more obvious and well-known type that we are most aware of, but pollution can affect other resources, such as water, which results in damaged river and sea live and water that is unclean and unsafe to drink for humans.

Living in an unhealthy environment full of polluted air can majorly affect our health; more than half of the US population are exposed to harmful air pollution according to The Guardian, which has the potential to raise asthma attacks, heart disease and lung cancer.

Oh, London…

Ever since we hit our pollution limit from traffic fumes just after 120 hours into the New Year, London has been on high alert about its ‘filthy air’.

The pollution levels in London are a major threat to our health and the future of our children’s health, and it has been regarded as a ‘public healthy emergency’ by the government. Reports of making plans for clean air were to be published by April 24, but it seems like it could be pushed back. But who knows what will happen with the pollution levels? In the meantime, we could do our part and use more public transport to try and cut emissions!

There is hope!

However, it may not all be doom and gloom for the future of our health and environment! There are some things we can all do to try and reduce the amount of pollution. The world’s first zero-emissions hydrogen train is a great step in the right direction for us to make our air cleaner! The ‘zero-emissions train’ that purely runs on steam and water, and with a successful test run in Germany, we could be expecting to see this by the beginning of 2018! For our environment, this is a great step towards achieving our goal of having cleaner air.

Other activities we can do to save ourselves on our planet:

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Find new ways of using items again.
  2. Cycle or walk instead of driving. We can halve our risk of heart attacks.
  3. Use public transportation. For less fuel emissions.
  4. Don’t litter! Keep our environment clean.
  5. Save energy. Turn off those lights and any unused electronic equipment.


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