Reasons Your Website Should Be Responsive

Having a responsive website makes the design and development of a web layout respond to the user’s behaviours and device used based on screen size, platform and orientation. If the user should switch from a laptop to a tablet, the website should automatically accommodate for resolution, image size and font. In this day, consumers are constantly switching between devices from tablets to smartphones to laptops, so a responsive website would be an ideal choice for a seamless transition to suit your business.

Take a look at why we believe your website should be responsive.

Engage your users

In today’s market, it is crucial that you are engaging your users, and in order to do so, you have to give them what they want. Consumers demand and expect speed and efficiency. If a user lands on a non-responsive website and something does not work for them, there is a high chance they will go to a competitor which means you will have lost a potential customer. However, if your web design responds to the user’s preferences, you will make a positive impact on user experience (UX) resulting in a happy customer who is more likely to buy and refer the product.

Increase in different devices

With the huge increase of smartphone usage and tablets, it makes sense for a website to be able to automatically fit to a particular device, and a responsive web design will let you do this successfully. If the user is having a poor experience with your site on a different device, this can reflect badly on your brand, and there is a high chance they will go to a competitor. The high rise of mobile usage has taken over the use of desktops so it’s important for websites to be able to function clearly on different screens.

Online shopping

More and more people are using their smartphone device to shop online. If you’re services or products are difficult to view from a mobile or tablet, this will be a bad reflection on your company, and again you may loose potential customers.

Social Media

Most social media consumption now happens on mobile devices. Social sharing of content on platforms like Twitter or Facebook from your website will boost traffic for your website and increase the views of your website from smartphones.
Increase SEO Rankings
With a responsive web design, your website will perform better in search rankings because responsive websites will give the user a better experience. Responsive web design is Google’s recommended design. This approach is preferred because responsive designs gives the same HTML code on the the same URL regardless of the device.

More manageable

Some organizations have two websites they need to manage:
1. Their main website
2. A mobile version of their website.
You’ll only need to manage one site with responsive websites because it adapts to different devices and provides content accordingly to the user’s need. This is more time effective as you’ll only need to update content on your website once.
So what are you waiting for? Go responsive!


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